• Practical, hands-on knowledge
  • Plus college taught skills
  • Equals a wealth of knowledge
  • And you can hire SMS to share this with your team

Computerized Systems

With over 25 years experience in Accounting and Management, Christine has first hand knowledge of what is needed to run a successful business.  Working with 2 franchises has also provided her with unique knowledge.  Christine’s first major (she was talked out of, as it had no future,- lol) was Computer Science.  She could write a database program in dBase or rBase, learned BASIC and HTML. 

  1. Most programs we use today are just a large database with a powerful interface to get the information in and out.
  2. That is where Christine’s customization skills and experience become a useful tool for you and your business.

Business Management Software

Whether you are using Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, Inventory Management software, Customer Relations Management (CRM) software, Project Management, or Business Management software I often find business aren’t using them to their full potential.  Many programs will also have an accounting module that is limited.  Sometimes small business would rather use QuickBooks for their accounting, but Items, systems, and the Chart of Accounts (COA) need to be set up properly.  This is where Stallion Management Services can help, with my strong foundation of accounting systems along with management systems.


Repair Orders
Insurance Uploading


Protrac by Professional Data Systems

Sales Tax


RFMS Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software integrated with QuickBooks


Hourly, shift, daily, weekly, and monthly reporting.

Guidance in all things management.


Oracle Textura
Microsoft Projects – Schedules
SOV – Statement of Values


Tailwind TMS
Form 2290
Custom QuickBooks Company

Custom QB’s